Saturday, July 24, 2010


Chalk drawings on the pavement made by resident and visiting toddlers are all that remains of the 2nd UpcycleSLO craft sale. I am so inspired by my companeras, my fellow crafters! Jen, Erin, Careen and her sister, Melinda, Monica.....So many ideas, so little time!
Thank you to the particpants and for everyone who came and bought something, donated some, or just came to say hi.

We made over $100 to donate to the Women's Shelter!
Go to to find out how you can donate more.

KSBY came out to see what UpcycleSLO is all about. Check out the local news tonight at 6:00 (chanel 6, or to see an interview with your host, Sara McGrath!"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Craft Sale this weekend

Come one come all!
CRAFT SALE THIS WEEKEND to benefit the Women's Shelter.
Saturday July 24

Pacific and Santa Rosa Streets, downtown SLO

You'll find jewlery, clothing, baby items, kitchen items, cards, chalkboards and more!

email for more info
See you Saturday!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cuentos y Cantos

Ya paso otro mes y Pedro y yo vamos a estar en la Biblioteca de San Luis Obispo este martes 13 de Julio, como siempre, a las 4:15 de la tarde.
Vengan para escuchar cuentos, cantar un poco y comer!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Calling crafters

UpcycleSLO is having another craft sale, on July 24. We are looking for more crafters using upcycled materials who want to come and sell their wares. Contact me at and check out for more information.

Bartering as community building

Bartering. Trading. Sharing...
A woman who walks by our house every day to an office next door asked me if I'd trade some of my apricots for some of her eggs, she has chickens at home. And I traded with someone else- apricots for plums. And the neighbor across the street brought over some of the first ripe figs from her tree, and avocados from her neighbor's tree. And a friend who makes barettes said maybe we could do a trade, with a onesie I made for her upcoming new baby. And my latest is custom making pot holders.
Wherever I go I bring apricots to give to people. And I feel SO good having something to GIVE. And I don't want to see them go to waste! They are falling off the tree faster that I can pick them up. Last week I made preserves with my moms. I fantasize about being as capable as the womenfolk of yore, who made clothes, baked, canned, and raised the kids.
Can you imagine what changes we'd see in our community if more people thought about sharing and trading services and such, and not just money?
That being said, I know how to sew, draw, walk on stilts, tell stories in English and Spanish, and I have an apricot tree. What can YOU contribute?