Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here's my girl! Dr. Lupe at your service.

Thank you for Salad

I'm changing things up a bit! I want to share withyou a salad that MY TODDLER LOVES! If you are a parent I know you will keep reading this post!
Broccoli Slaw: Cut up or shredded broccoli, carrot, purple cabbage, raisins, sunflower seeds, plus a little mayo, vinegar and pinch of sugar.

Mmmm! I actually saw my 2 year old picking out the broccoli and cabbage and.......eating it!
(in the photo it's a little heavy on the carrot-myou can change the veggies according to what you have)
When we were sitting down for dinner, Lupe put out her hands and said "amen" reminding us to say grace. So I asked her, "What are you thankful fo Lupe?" And she answered, "Mmmm......quesadillas........salad!"
And I am thankful for THAT!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sunday Novemeber 21
9am to 1pm

brought to you be your local eco craft collective UpcycleSLO
Check out for more information.

Clothing for women and children, jewelry, kitchen and household items and more!

UpcycleSLO is a creative collective who's aim is the creation of crafts and items using mostly repurposed materials and encouraging the ideals of green consumer behavior while supporting local artists and crafters.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back in the day

My dad finally cleaned out the attic. This days been coming for a long time, I mean years. I was scared to bring home the van full of boxes, I mean memories, to Pedro. What? More stuff? It's a bit overwhelming. Old yearbooks, artwork, letters letters, letters.

Do you remember those days, of writing letters? I am lucky enough to have some very creative friends, who not only decorate the envelopes and write on funny found paper, but their actual writing is funny (shana and manj, this one goes out to you!). Kate's coffee stirrer thoughts. And the collages we made!

And journal entries, social dramas and unrequited love. And some more

unrequited love. And zines. I started making zines in high school and spent a lot of time at Kinko's. With all the blogs around, does anyone make zines anymore? I sold zines at Zine Shops in San Francisco and the East Bay, I bought other zines and had written correspondance with other rebel girlz expressing themselves through words, pictures and snail mail. I reread a letter from a punk girl who admitted to liking raves- ah! Scandalous!

Does anybody remember Gillman St? Are there still shows there? Spitboy, Bikini Kill, Jawbreaker, Dead Milkmen. Speaking of Dead Milkmen, found an autographed picture of them, dedicated to yours truly.

ANd going even further back, I found a digital print portrait of myself and Michael Jackson, inside of a heart with some mushy words about true love....Ha! I think it was from Universal Studios. Too bad I can't find my red pleather and zippered jacket!

Okay, the toddler queen of the house needs breakfast, enough reminiscing for the day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

cloth diapers to painting rags

Move over cloth diapers, hello painting rag!
That's right..... Number one, Lupe is pretty much potty trained, wears diapers only at night, and we use a disposable now when we do (so much easier to pull down than the prefold, pin and cover).
And number two, I started painting for the first time in almost two years. I was inspired by a chance visit to an artist's home during SLO's anual Open Studios Tour. Walkng home from a canceled yoga class, I visiited the home and studio of Josephine Crawford (, whose fabulously colorful paintings inspired me to go home and hop on my bike to go buy some turpentine. I broke out the oils! And rediscovered how much I love painting with them. A couple of days later I saw the wonderful art of Deb Spatafore and Julie Frankel, more women who inspired me to go home and get my painting on! Oh dear, now I have sewing and painting waring for my attention and prescious little amunts of time!
And yes, the cloth diaper has turned into a colorful painting rag. A good transition I dare say.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Slowing down, focusing on family

I have been doing some soul searching recently. Thinking about my life and my priorities. First and foremost I am a mom and a wife. Family comes first. But I need to remind myself of that, as I start to get more and more involved in activities.

With Lupe we go to Parent Particpation classes on Tuesdays, and often Boo Boos on Wednesdays, Library on Thursdays, as well as play dates with friends and the list goes on. I also volunteer to do a Library Story HOur once a month, work 8 hours a week for WIC, am in the middle of a two month class for youth at SLO Classical Academy. And I have UpcycleSLO, with a craft sale to plan (and make my own crafts!) and a workshop at the Women's Shelter to plan, wondering if I have time to help with the next Swap-o-rama-rama. And we want to join the gym. And there are 4 grandparents in town we like to visit with. I have wanted to go to the Craft Brigade on Tuesdays (SLOMommies), the ICAN meeting. And then there's the possibility of another story hour at a cool new downtown store. And this blog! Does the list ever end?

Oh yeah, and I suppose I need to cook every day and sometimes need to clean the house, keep the garden alive.

I have always been an active person. When I left NYC after 6 years a friend said, Now who is going to call us up to go out to some cool cultural event? I love to do things, to particpate, to be part of my community. But I have to learn to set priorities, take part in fewer things, but commit fully to them. Being a mom is the fulfillment of my grandest dream, and I can't imagine a better family. I feel I need to be more fully present with my daughter. I am making kids clothes to sell, why don't I make more for her? I plan art classes in other places, why am I not getting more creative with Lupe at home?

I think alot of moms must experience this. This readjusting of life, where all of a sudden you have to think of what your family wants and needs, not just what you want and need.
So my goal is: focus on my family's health, and my family's creativity,commit to fewer things but do them well and with all my heart, and last but not least, go easy on myself.
And one more thing, I need someone to help learn to let go of one thing for every new thing I pick up at a garage sale!

Sunday, October 3, 2010