Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back in the day

My dad finally cleaned out the attic. This days been coming for a long time, I mean years. I was scared to bring home the van full of boxes, I mean memories, to Pedro. What? More stuff? It's a bit overwhelming. Old yearbooks, artwork, letters letters, letters.

Do you remember those days, of writing letters? I am lucky enough to have some very creative friends, who not only decorate the envelopes and write on funny found paper, but their actual writing is funny (shana and manj, this one goes out to you!). Kate's coffee stirrer thoughts. And the collages we made!

And journal entries, social dramas and unrequited love. And some more

unrequited love. And zines. I started making zines in high school and spent a lot of time at Kinko's. With all the blogs around, does anyone make zines anymore? I sold zines at Zine Shops in San Francisco and the East Bay, I bought other zines and had written correspondance with other rebel girlz expressing themselves through words, pictures and snail mail. I reread a letter from a punk girl who admitted to liking raves- ah! Scandalous!

Does anybody remember Gillman St? Are there still shows there? Spitboy, Bikini Kill, Jawbreaker, Dead Milkmen. Speaking of Dead Milkmen, found an autographed picture of them, dedicated to yours truly.

ANd going even further back, I found a digital print portrait of myself and Michael Jackson, inside of a heart with some mushy words about true love....Ha! I think it was from Universal Studios. Too bad I can't find my red pleather and zippered jacket!

Okay, the toddler queen of the house needs breakfast, enough reminiscing for the day!


  1. YES! i had a Sharpie Revolution Zine that i loved & this brings back Good Goooood memories of my BFF Den'Al and our "boredom notes" - she was a clever artist/writer (got suspended from Pauding for her raunchy madlibs once!)

    The DEAD Milkmen?? hee heee

  2. So, now that I live in the East Bay, I have discovered zines. I'm late, but at least I'm now hip. You're awesome sister.