Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recent gifts

I am rather proud of a few things I have made recently so I wanted to share them.
The first was a Christmas Eve inspiration for my husband. When he cooks or does dishes he puts on his headphones and listens to his ipod, so.... I used a black pillowcase and made him an apron. The colors and map of Africa refer to his reggae obsession. The pocket has a side perfect for the ipod to go in.
The second is a thank you to a friend who loaned me her sewing machine for an entire year! She is a wonderful artist, and I tend to get quite inspired making customized pot holders (who knew, this could very well be my niche!)
Fun fun fun! My New Years goal is to make more things for my own house (no more craft sales for a while), but there seems to always be a birthday or thank you present to make. But it pleases me immensely to be able to make people things. And customize them to their interests. Which gives me an idea: any creative people want to do some bartering?
I am making small attempts to have Lupe not grow up in a consumeristic way. I hope that she will grow up remembering her mom announcing an upcoming party and heading to the sewing machine. Not that there always needs to be presents, but making them is a good thing. I have spoken to a lot of moms recently who are all on different points of the scale between fullout buy buy gift giving, to none at all. I think the best is to feel comfortable with where you are at personally and to have small goals if you want.
I got a Barbie Dream House as a kid and I turned out all right!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rainy Day Crafts

For almost a month now lupe has been playing with her tiniest animals in a Leggo house. They are there for a fiesta, and have been waiting for their pizza for a LONG time, alas, it is always too hot to eat.
So that inspired a craft today, while we watch the rain that never seems to stop!
Materials: Tin can lids, construction paper, scissors, hole punch and glue.
The hole punch makes easy and tiny tomatoes and olives, shredded paper for the cheese. They were really tasty!

Grandpa has promised to make a kitchen for Lupe, but xmas is too soon, so it'll probably be a birthday gift in May. Meanwhile, I saw a cool kitchen on the web (I think it was Family Fun mag), made from cardboard boxes and plastic lids.
If I can find a dry box, that's our next project!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gift wrapping and Holiday Creativity

It's been a while since I have posted- we all have that Holiday excuse to give, but I have an additional one: every day I fall asleep putting Lupe down for her nap, and every night I fall asleep when she goes to bed. Why? Have you guessed already? Yes, Lupe is going to be a big sister and the first trimester is EXHAUSTING! Or maybe it's just my two year old who is exhausting!
Yet still, I have managed to finish a couple of gifts, and wrapped them. I knew there was a reason I have been saving cereal boxes (a weater fit nicey inside a box of Cheerios) in a kitchen cupboard, and tp rolls (perfect size for a couple of flower pins I made) under the bathroom sink! They are all being used now to wrap presents. So, REUSE the cardboard instead of RECYCLING it, have your child go crazy with the paints (I used old life drawings from my college days), and you have fab gift wrap!
Another thing I did was use those mailers that come from craft stores telling you about all their Xmas deals on fabric, ribbon, scrapbooking, etc and cut them up into little flowers with leaves (can you see this detail in the pic?)
One of the childhood Christmases I remember most was when I was about 12 I think, and we used old paper we already had, and went crazy with litter and glue, each package had a unique design. I don't even remember what I got that year, but I have a picture of the boxes under the tree.
I made one gift splurge for my husband, but other than that, I have made them all mostly. And today I found building blocks, a toy house, books and a video at the thrift store- Lupe's gifts, all for under $7! This makes me feel good, not just cause I'm poor, but gifting this way is MORE CREATIVE!!

What is your most creative gift idea you have given/received? What are you doing this year? Respond to this post, and I may just make something for you!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This weeks events

Buenos Dias Ninos is now weekly! Join us at EcoBambino for fun Spanish playtime, EVERY FRIDAY at 11 am.

Also, do NOT forget, UpcycleSLO's Eco Craft Bazaar is THIS Sunday from 9am to 1 pm.
1068 Pacific St at Santa Rosa St in Downtown SLO.
Coffee cup cozies, silverware caddies for camping or your bag, reusable snack bags, and the coolest clothing and accessories ever!

We are benefiting the Women's Shelter, and we have a contest for YOU!

Bring in any of the following items and be entered in a RAFFLE TO WIN a hand-made item by yours truly. You will either win a silverware caddy (perfect for camping, biking or keeping your silverware clean in your purse when you take your lunch to work) OR, a personalized cloth banner (come to the sale and you'll see what these are!)

WHAT THE SHELTER NEEDS: Diapers (size 3), pull-ups and wipes. Also, with the holidays fast approaching food cards, Visa gift cards and even frozen turkeys or hams are always needed.
See you SUNDAY!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Buenos Dias Ninos

This posting is rather late, but, tomorrow is my first event at the new store EcoBambino.


11 am Friday November 5, 863 Monterey St

I have been doing a Spanish Story and Song time at the SLO Library for over a year now. Being once a month however makes it easy to forget or have other commitments come up. If this new gig takes off, I hope it can maybe be a weekly opportunity to introduce children, and their parents, to the Spanish language through both familiar and new songs and stories.

The first presentation is free! Afterwards we will initiate some kind of donation system, similar to music time at Booboos. (A mom's gotta make a living!)

So, come tomorrow, manana, and tell me what you think!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here's my girl! Dr. Lupe at your service.

Thank you for Salad

I'm changing things up a bit! I want to share withyou a salad that MY TODDLER LOVES! If you are a parent I know you will keep reading this post!
Broccoli Slaw: Cut up or shredded broccoli, carrot, purple cabbage, raisins, sunflower seeds, plus a little mayo, vinegar and pinch of sugar.

Mmmm! I actually saw my 2 year old picking out the broccoli and cabbage and.......eating it!
(in the photo it's a little heavy on the carrot-myou can change the veggies according to what you have)
When we were sitting down for dinner, Lupe put out her hands and said "amen" reminding us to say grace. So I asked her, "What are you thankful fo Lupe?" And she answered, "Mmmm......quesadillas........salad!"
And I am thankful for THAT!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sunday Novemeber 21
9am to 1pm

brought to you be your local eco craft collective UpcycleSLO
Check out for more information.

Clothing for women and children, jewelry, kitchen and household items and more!

UpcycleSLO is a creative collective who's aim is the creation of crafts and items using mostly repurposed materials and encouraging the ideals of green consumer behavior while supporting local artists and crafters.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back in the day

My dad finally cleaned out the attic. This days been coming for a long time, I mean years. I was scared to bring home the van full of boxes, I mean memories, to Pedro. What? More stuff? It's a bit overwhelming. Old yearbooks, artwork, letters letters, letters.

Do you remember those days, of writing letters? I am lucky enough to have some very creative friends, who not only decorate the envelopes and write on funny found paper, but their actual writing is funny (shana and manj, this one goes out to you!). Kate's coffee stirrer thoughts. And the collages we made!

And journal entries, social dramas and unrequited love. And some more

unrequited love. And zines. I started making zines in high school and spent a lot of time at Kinko's. With all the blogs around, does anyone make zines anymore? I sold zines at Zine Shops in San Francisco and the East Bay, I bought other zines and had written correspondance with other rebel girlz expressing themselves through words, pictures and snail mail. I reread a letter from a punk girl who admitted to liking raves- ah! Scandalous!

Does anybody remember Gillman St? Are there still shows there? Spitboy, Bikini Kill, Jawbreaker, Dead Milkmen. Speaking of Dead Milkmen, found an autographed picture of them, dedicated to yours truly.

ANd going even further back, I found a digital print portrait of myself and Michael Jackson, inside of a heart with some mushy words about true love....Ha! I think it was from Universal Studios. Too bad I can't find my red pleather and zippered jacket!

Okay, the toddler queen of the house needs breakfast, enough reminiscing for the day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

cloth diapers to painting rags

Move over cloth diapers, hello painting rag!
That's right..... Number one, Lupe is pretty much potty trained, wears diapers only at night, and we use a disposable now when we do (so much easier to pull down than the prefold, pin and cover).
And number two, I started painting for the first time in almost two years. I was inspired by a chance visit to an artist's home during SLO's anual Open Studios Tour. Walkng home from a canceled yoga class, I visiited the home and studio of Josephine Crawford (, whose fabulously colorful paintings inspired me to go home and hop on my bike to go buy some turpentine. I broke out the oils! And rediscovered how much I love painting with them. A couple of days later I saw the wonderful art of Deb Spatafore and Julie Frankel, more women who inspired me to go home and get my painting on! Oh dear, now I have sewing and painting waring for my attention and prescious little amunts of time!
And yes, the cloth diaper has turned into a colorful painting rag. A good transition I dare say.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Slowing down, focusing on family

I have been doing some soul searching recently. Thinking about my life and my priorities. First and foremost I am a mom and a wife. Family comes first. But I need to remind myself of that, as I start to get more and more involved in activities.

With Lupe we go to Parent Particpation classes on Tuesdays, and often Boo Boos on Wednesdays, Library on Thursdays, as well as play dates with friends and the list goes on. I also volunteer to do a Library Story HOur once a month, work 8 hours a week for WIC, am in the middle of a two month class for youth at SLO Classical Academy. And I have UpcycleSLO, with a craft sale to plan (and make my own crafts!) and a workshop at the Women's Shelter to plan, wondering if I have time to help with the next Swap-o-rama-rama. And we want to join the gym. And there are 4 grandparents in town we like to visit with. I have wanted to go to the Craft Brigade on Tuesdays (SLOMommies), the ICAN meeting. And then there's the possibility of another story hour at a cool new downtown store. And this blog! Does the list ever end?

Oh yeah, and I suppose I need to cook every day and sometimes need to clean the house, keep the garden alive.

I have always been an active person. When I left NYC after 6 years a friend said, Now who is going to call us up to go out to some cool cultural event? I love to do things, to particpate, to be part of my community. But I have to learn to set priorities, take part in fewer things, but commit fully to them. Being a mom is the fulfillment of my grandest dream, and I can't imagine a better family. I feel I need to be more fully present with my daughter. I am making kids clothes to sell, why don't I make more for her? I plan art classes in other places, why am I not getting more creative with Lupe at home?

I think alot of moms must experience this. This readjusting of life, where all of a sudden you have to think of what your family wants and needs, not just what you want and need.
So my goal is: focus on my family's health, and my family's creativity,commit to fewer things but do them well and with all my heart, and last but not least, go easy on myself.
And one more thing, I need someone to help learn to let go of one thing for every new thing I pick up at a garage sale!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

my latest projects

Here are a couple of embellished/appliqued items I have made for friends.... got two done in one night! That always feels productive.

Also, I have started a class at a local school. The students range in age from 10 to 15 I think. They are studying the Medieval period. Since that usually entails only European history, I wanted to give them a broader scope of the world, to talk about peoples in other cultures. So we are making 3-D figures, focusing on Asia, Africa or LatinAmerica. The example I started is of a Mayan nobility. Fun to make jade jewelry out of painted cardboard and stones. Feather headdress out of painted corn husks, etc. I want the students to learn a little about the culture in general, and also about what materials were of value (ex: for the Mayans it was jade, gold, quetzal feathers, jaguar skins, etc as well as cacao, shells), what adornment was like and who adorned themselves.

I also want them to push their creativity thinking about what recycled materials to use. Plastic bottle caps for Mayan ear plugs? Corn husks as feathers?

We'll see how it turns out! I am excited about it and I hope I can transmit that same enthusiasm.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hora de Cuentos

Story Time

SLO Library, Today!! September 14 at 4:15
Vengan a disfrutar cuentos y canciones y celebrar el Bicentario de Mexico...
Viva Mexico!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

an amazing creative husband have i

Que vivan los esposos creativos!!

This is my hats off blog entry to my amazing husband who stayed up late at night all week and got up early to go work. Why? Because he had a vision for this amazing new costume for stilts (which we presented today at the SLO Symphony POPS concert!). He can sew, he can build, and the more colorful the better!

Our friend Jesus had the idea of basing a costume on the Danza de la Pluma, from Oaxaca. So we made it! And felicidades to Jesus for managing the weight of that penacho, headdress!

"La Danza de la Pluma originated from Mixtec and Zapotec dances in Oaxaca under the influence of the Spanish colonizers. It incorporates the struggle between Moctezuma and Cortez, paganism and Christianity." ( It is still performed in Oaxaca and dancers take the commitment to learning the dance very seriously, committing for 3 years

Thursday, September 2, 2010

CHAOS, que viva!

so, i am trying not to think too much about the other blogs i see about Super Crafting Moms with artfully, magazine-photo-shoot worthy work spaces who also homeschool and grow all their own produce. those moms are inspiring.
but my reality is different. nothing to complain about. my life is FABULOUS! i love my family, my jobs, my friends.... my only struggle is with CLUTTER!!! are there more of you out there? i suppose it is better to have a cluttered, artistic house than a boring one. yes. i just secretly wish i would win an oprah magazine contest and have a professional over to magically transform every room into zen like spaces.
so here's a photo for every crafty person out there with come artful CHAOS going on! Que viva el caos!

Friday, August 27, 2010

you CAN sew with heels on!

do you ever feel the need to dress up at home, just 'cause? like putting on red lipstick at home, just for yourself to see? well, that's how i discovered that yes, you can sew with $1 garage sale heels on. actually, that may be the only time i out them on, as I don't know if i can walk far in them!
moving on.... i am trying to push/challenge my creative self, taking "upcycling" to new levels.
since i have taught myself to sew the last few years, that has been the main focus of my creativity, and i am loving it! much to my husband's chagrin i'm sure, i can't stop collectin fabric; old sheets, pillowcases, scraps from garage sales, thrift stores, friends closets, i can't stop!

i am trying to find a good way to use old record albums. i have all my old albums, punk frm my high school days, even muppet movie albums from my 6th birthday! but i need to find a new thing to do with the flasdance lp with a warp in the vinyl (how i wish i could still listen to it!). i have been thinking tops for bar stools, or small tables, coasters made from the cover, etc.

how do you remember when your library items are due? i have been making magnet reminders for library receipts... using a clothespin, magnet, tin can lid and magazine collage.

bracelet cuffs from cut up tp rolls, with fabric and buttons....

cut up plastic bags turned into a sewn flower and glued to a hairclip.

my latest sewing projects: t-shirt aprons (idea from a great t-shirt repurpose book)
and a pillowcase dress with alphabet stamps!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stilts by the Sea

Pedro and I will appear on stilts again at the SLO Symphony's POPS by the sea, on Sunday September 5 in Avila Beach. This year's musical theme is FIESTA!!!! Musica latina para toda la familia. Check out for more information.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Upcycling fabric in the Libraries

I have done a couple of Library workshops in the past couple of weeks- Nipomo and Santa Margarita. I am happy to say that both were very successfull I think. They were both fabric based.

In Nipomo I had no idea how many kids I would have or how old- and, having decided that paint was perhaps too messy for library carpet, I followed my natural interest in fabric. Tibetan prayer flags was my inspiration, so I cut 30 8x8" sqaures out of 3 pillowcases and then sewed a long string out of the scraps. I talked to the kids about the prayer flags and the meanings of the colors. We called these ones Wish Flags. Most of the kids were too young to do a fabric collage based on a theme, so I just let them have fun cutting and gluing the fabric. Afterwards I sewed them together and they will hang at the library for a while before the kids take them home. In Santa Margarita there were sign ups and I knew they were older kids, so we did an upcycle workshop, turning tshirts into book bags. Despite most of the youngsters forgetting to bring their tshirts ( I had xtras!) it all turned out. Most had a chance to try using the sewing machine, some for the first time. The project can be as simple or complicated as you want. Basically:

1. Cut off arms and neck of tshirt.

2. Turn inside out and sew along bottom. Voila!!

You can embellish as much as you want. A fun idea is to sew on one or both of the sleeves as a pocket....

The librarians were wonderful, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work in these spaces!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Chalk drawings on the pavement made by resident and visiting toddlers are all that remains of the 2nd UpcycleSLO craft sale. I am so inspired by my companeras, my fellow crafters! Jen, Erin, Careen and her sister, Melinda, Monica.....So many ideas, so little time!
Thank you to the particpants and for everyone who came and bought something, donated some, or just came to say hi.

We made over $100 to donate to the Women's Shelter!
Go to to find out how you can donate more.

KSBY came out to see what UpcycleSLO is all about. Check out the local news tonight at 6:00 (chanel 6, or to see an interview with your host, Sara McGrath!"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Craft Sale this weekend

Come one come all!
CRAFT SALE THIS WEEKEND to benefit the Women's Shelter.
Saturday July 24

Pacific and Santa Rosa Streets, downtown SLO

You'll find jewlery, clothing, baby items, kitchen items, cards, chalkboards and more!

email for more info
See you Saturday!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cuentos y Cantos

Ya paso otro mes y Pedro y yo vamos a estar en la Biblioteca de San Luis Obispo este martes 13 de Julio, como siempre, a las 4:15 de la tarde.
Vengan para escuchar cuentos, cantar un poco y comer!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Calling crafters

UpcycleSLO is having another craft sale, on July 24. We are looking for more crafters using upcycled materials who want to come and sell their wares. Contact me at and check out for more information.

Bartering as community building

Bartering. Trading. Sharing...
A woman who walks by our house every day to an office next door asked me if I'd trade some of my apricots for some of her eggs, she has chickens at home. And I traded with someone else- apricots for plums. And the neighbor across the street brought over some of the first ripe figs from her tree, and avocados from her neighbor's tree. And a friend who makes barettes said maybe we could do a trade, with a onesie I made for her upcoming new baby. And my latest is custom making pot holders.
Wherever I go I bring apricots to give to people. And I feel SO good having something to GIVE. And I don't want to see them go to waste! They are falling off the tree faster that I can pick them up. Last week I made preserves with my moms. I fantasize about being as capable as the womenfolk of yore, who made clothes, baked, canned, and raised the kids.
Can you imagine what changes we'd see in our community if more people thought about sharing and trading services and such, and not just money?
That being said, I know how to sew, draw, walk on stilts, tell stories in English and Spanish, and I have an apricot tree. What can YOU contribute?

Friday, June 25, 2010

I Love Libraries

I went to the Oceano Library today to do a workshop with the kids. Always fun. We did the Alebrije painting project (no paint on the nice carpeted library floor!). Somehow it worked out, with an age range from 3 to 10 years old, GRACIAS to the adult helpers!!!
LIBRARIES ARE AWESOME! How amazing to go and be able to check out books, videos, hear speakers or particpate in workshops. And all free. I love to see people in there taking advantage of the resources and enjoying themselves. A big applause to all the parents and caregivers who take their kids there - clap, clap, clap!!
The children's librarians at my SLO Library are amazing and kind. Margaret has been promoting my art educator self with Sally's support, and wonderful Kristen, she was my librarian when I was a kid in Cambria! One of my many dreams is to be a librarian I think....
July 29 I'll be doing another workshop:
NIPOMO Library, 2:00, t-shirt bookbags.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pillowcases ROCK!!

So every once in a while I have the chance to have inspiration and go for it, sew, sew, sewing away till 1am. I recently scored some great new pillowcases at my favorite SLO thrift store- they must have just come in!

If you want something custom made, I can do it! Skirts, toddler dresses, blouses or aprons....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pot holders for that special someone

I made a pot holder/hot pad for a relative who is graduating from law school and likes to cook. Salsa is his thing! And then I made some more for Father's Day...

Customized pot holders, I think I'm on to something here!

Ah, summer, the calendar is filling up fast. Birthday parties with bounce houses, father's day, craft nights...

UpcycleSLO will be at Chronic Cellars in Paso Robles for an Art and Wine event this coming Sunday. Check out for more details ($5 gets you wine and cheese pairings and lots of art to look at!)

I finished off my two months at the south county elementary school where I have been working with 1st graders this week. Kids are great. I had a new hair cut and one girl said, "Miss McGrath! I didn't recognize you!" Our last project lasted 3 classes (which means we finally got to finish a project and TALK about it!) We did some Eric Carle style painting, mixing secondary colors and dragging combs through the wet paint to add texture. Then we talked about Alebrijes, a Mexican folk art form, and started a cut paper collage of an invented animal, or alebrije.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paso Robles events

Tonight Pedro and I will be at the Paso Robles Library- una Hora de Cuentos, desde las 6:30 hasta las 7:30. Es una celebracion del fin del ano escolar para sus programas en Espanol.

Vengan a esuchar cuentos, cantar canciones y celebrar la literatura!

ALSO, Saturday is the Paso Robles Festival of the Arts, there will be a lot of fun activities going on through out the day.
UpcycleSLO will be doing a booth in the Youth Area from 10am-3pm.
In the spirit of artist and children's book illustrator Faith Ringgold, we will be doing story quilts. Using upcycled material participants can cut and glue fabric or draw with fabric markers, and when finished the quilt squares will be sewn into a whole, on the spot.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Watercolor insects

Today I finished my watercolor project with my 1st graders. The first class we experimented with techniques: wet, on wet, crayon resist, using salt, etc. Then for our next class we drew bugs, using our observational skills- I had a bag of plastic insects (thanks Deb!). I also read a Dr Seuss book about bugs and told a couple bug jokes- haha! Today we did the watercolor.
Any art teachers out there reading this? How long does a box of w/c paints last for your 1st graders? At least I tried to clean out the yellows!
Why was the baby ant so confused? Because all of his uncles were ants!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Apron contest at Beverly's Fabric

Today I turned in my apron for the Apron Contest at Beverly's Fabric Store in downtown SLO, the winners get gift certificates, and not that I am biased or anything, but I do think mine is pretty original!

It is the only one- that I know of- to use text, "AMOR is the sweetest ingredient", plus, it has a detachable hot pad!

Vote for me, my apron is number 20. Gracias! Voting starts May 17, though many aprons, including mine are on display now, and winners are announced June 1.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Typing in Public

Two fabulously creative and intelligent ladies, Catherine and Mignon have a project called Reading in Public. They have initiated some fun public performances, if you will, involving, yes, reading in public.

Now, they have created Typing in Public!!! Yes, there will be typewriters around downtown SLO this Saturday, May 15 and you are welcome to add your two cents worth! At the end of the day, all written work will be read at Sally Loo's Cafe near the train station. I'll be at the SLO Library at 10 am.

Check out their site for more details:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BooBoos music time

Join me tomorrow, Wednesday May 12 as I take over for the fabulous Heide while she is on vacation.
10:15 am, join a million toddlers and their caregivers for songs in English and Spanish at SLO's best music store!

Friday, May 7, 2010

1st grade project

I started 1st grade teaching the primary colors and symmetry. We made butterflies with construction paper and practiced folding paper and cuttingout shapes - to get two equal shapes- and glueing them on symmetrically.
The next class we continued with primary colors and also looked at artist Piet Mondrian, an artist who is not symmertical in his compositions. I love how each of them turned out so differently!
Kids put pictures together in such a fresh way, that we grown ups can never do! Isn't it great?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A sewing project I did on Mexican TV

This link is to the arts organization where I used to work in Chiapas, Mexico. They started an amazing kids program, using puppets and people that airs on local television there (and I think maybe somewhere in the US now too, imagine a way more creative spanish version of Sesame St), and while we were on vacation in March I had the chance to record a section of the program called el taller de Azul, it's the section where they present an artist or creative idea.
In this section I show how to turn a pillowcase into a blouse.
My section is the very end of the program, easier to sit through if you understand Espanol!

Yo soy la mama de Lupe

So I used to have a blog called Imaginartesanluisobispo, which I dedicated to my Spanish/Art classes for kids, but I've decided to make a new one to share with you all the fun creative activities I'm involved in, including a creative collective called UpcycleSLO.

I have been back in the SLO area with my esposo Pedro, and now my daughter Lupe, for about 2 and a half years (before that I was living in Mexico and Guatemala for 4 years) and am finding that there is so much fun and creative things to do. Every week my toddler and I are invovled in activities like story hour at the library, parent participation classes and music time at Boo Boos. I thought about calling my new blog "chispa" which is spanish for spark (a chispa of creativity, etc), or "Crearte" which is the spanish verb for "to create", made reflexive, so, create yourself, etc etc (a play on words). But these blogs were taken already. And then I thought, well, being active in the "toddler scene", or the "circuit", many people know me simply as Lupe's mom. That's how it is with kids; you meet so many other families, usually you only learn the kid's names first. So there it is, an easy name to remember, Has a ring to it, doesn't it?

Yesterday we did our monthly Spanish Story Hour at the SLO Library, Cantos y Cuentos. IT's always fun. We had a predominantly English speaking crowd this time, so it was a bilingual affair. Catch us again the first Tuesday in June at 4:15, and you don't have to be a Spanish speaker to come, all are welcome!