Thursday, September 2, 2010

CHAOS, que viva!

so, i am trying not to think too much about the other blogs i see about Super Crafting Moms with artfully, magazine-photo-shoot worthy work spaces who also homeschool and grow all their own produce. those moms are inspiring.
but my reality is different. nothing to complain about. my life is FABULOUS! i love my family, my jobs, my friends.... my only struggle is with CLUTTER!!! are there more of you out there? i suppose it is better to have a cluttered, artistic house than a boring one. yes. i just secretly wish i would win an oprah magazine contest and have a professional over to magically transform every room into zen like spaces.
so here's a photo for every crafty person out there with come artful CHAOS going on! Que viva el caos!

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