Friday, July 1, 2011

Nesting, organizing, sewing

The house is finally looking organized, some (just some) of the clutter gone. Newborn clothes are washed and folded. Co-sleeper borrowed from neighbor (thank you!). Pregnancy photos taken (you are amazing Robyn!). I have done what I can to prepare mentally, physically, spiritually for my VBAC birth.

And I am trying to balance REST and CREATIVITY, i.e. the nesting urge is having me applique every blank onesie I own!

It has been fun doing the onesies, and making them gender neutral. And sewing on the changing table sheet. And I want to learn to make little baby booties. I feel so HAPPY that I have learned to sew in the last few years!

I am also quite proud of tonight's creation: an accessory bag for the stroller made from oilcloth. I saw the idea in the manual for the new Sit and Stand stroller we got, and I winged it from there! There is a spot for phone, water, sunscreen, and more!

Ok baby, we're ready for you!!