Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rainy Day Crafts

For almost a month now lupe has been playing with her tiniest animals in a Leggo house. They are there for a fiesta, and have been waiting for their pizza for a LONG time, alas, it is always too hot to eat.
So that inspired a craft today, while we watch the rain that never seems to stop!
Materials: Tin can lids, construction paper, scissors, hole punch and glue.
The hole punch makes easy and tiny tomatoes and olives, shredded paper for the cheese. They were really tasty!

Grandpa has promised to make a kitchen for Lupe, but xmas is too soon, so it'll probably be a birthday gift in May. Meanwhile, I saw a cool kitchen on the web (I think it was Family Fun mag), made from cardboard boxes and plastic lids.
If I can find a dry box, that's our next project!

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