Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recent gifts

I am rather proud of a few things I have made recently so I wanted to share them.
The first was a Christmas Eve inspiration for my husband. When he cooks or does dishes he puts on his headphones and listens to his ipod, so.... I used a black pillowcase and made him an apron. The colors and map of Africa refer to his reggae obsession. The pocket has a side perfect for the ipod to go in.
The second is a thank you to a friend who loaned me her sewing machine for an entire year! She is a wonderful artist, and I tend to get quite inspired making customized pot holders (who knew, this could very well be my niche!)
Fun fun fun! My New Years goal is to make more things for my own house (no more craft sales for a while), but there seems to always be a birthday or thank you present to make. But it pleases me immensely to be able to make people things. And customize them to their interests. Which gives me an idea: any creative people want to do some bartering?
I am making small attempts to have Lupe not grow up in a consumeristic way. I hope that she will grow up remembering her mom announcing an upcoming party and heading to the sewing machine. Not that there always needs to be presents, but making them is a good thing. I have spoken to a lot of moms recently who are all on different points of the scale between fullout buy buy gift giving, to none at all. I think the best is to feel comfortable with where you are at personally and to have small goals if you want.
I got a Barbie Dream House as a kid and I turned out all right!

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