Friday, June 25, 2010

I Love Libraries

I went to the Oceano Library today to do a workshop with the kids. Always fun. We did the Alebrije painting project (no paint on the nice carpeted library floor!). Somehow it worked out, with an age range from 3 to 10 years old, GRACIAS to the adult helpers!!!
LIBRARIES ARE AWESOME! How amazing to go and be able to check out books, videos, hear speakers or particpate in workshops. And all free. I love to see people in there taking advantage of the resources and enjoying themselves. A big applause to all the parents and caregivers who take their kids there - clap, clap, clap!!
The children's librarians at my SLO Library are amazing and kind. Margaret has been promoting my art educator self with Sally's support, and wonderful Kristen, she was my librarian when I was a kid in Cambria! One of my many dreams is to be a librarian I think....
July 29 I'll be doing another workshop:
NIPOMO Library, 2:00, t-shirt bookbags.

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