Wednesday, October 20, 2010

cloth diapers to painting rags

Move over cloth diapers, hello painting rag!
That's right..... Number one, Lupe is pretty much potty trained, wears diapers only at night, and we use a disposable now when we do (so much easier to pull down than the prefold, pin and cover).
And number two, I started painting for the first time in almost two years. I was inspired by a chance visit to an artist's home during SLO's anual Open Studios Tour. Walkng home from a canceled yoga class, I visiited the home and studio of Josephine Crawford (, whose fabulously colorful paintings inspired me to go home and hop on my bike to go buy some turpentine. I broke out the oils! And rediscovered how much I love painting with them. A couple of days later I saw the wonderful art of Deb Spatafore and Julie Frankel, more women who inspired me to go home and get my painting on! Oh dear, now I have sewing and painting waring for my attention and prescious little amunts of time!
And yes, the cloth diaper has turned into a colorful painting rag. A good transition I dare say.

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